Dog Walking Gallery covering Oxford and Oxfordshire

Dog Walking in Oxford and Oxfordshire

A new mate for your precious pet awaits with low number and a high standard of care our dog walking service is available on an individual basis or in a small group of no more than four friendly and socialised dogs. Your pet can either be walked from their home or taken safely using our specially adapted crated and individually spaced vehicle. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and content so as to not get bored and start chewing, scratching and barking.  Your dog will enjoy rural walks and having fun in relaxed surroundings with friendly dogs followed by a towel dry with muddy paws wiped after arriving back home, happy and relaxed. Your dog will only be taken off lead in suitable, safe locations after signed consent has been given and we are more than happy to use extension or long length leads as required. If you would like a note left after each walk saying where we visited today we are more than happy to oblige. Holiday Ark covers Oxford and the surrounding villages of Oxfordshire. Your dog will need a collar and lead with an ID tag. If you feel we can help please give us a call to arrange a free dog walk where both you and your pet's needs can be discussed in order to start joining in the fun. If you do not have an ID tag for your dog, Cherwell District Council provide a dog registration scheme where you will be provided with a unique identity tag number enabling the dog warden to reunite lost dogs with their owners.

You may like to take advantage of our puppy visits in your own home. We will clean up accidents, feed and refresh water, let out into the garden for a toilet break and encourage game playing ensuring lots of fun and attention. You may have an elderly dog who would love to have some company as well as a short walk or a stroll in the garden, their water checked and whatever age they may be dogs still enjoy seeing a friendly face.


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